DYING IS MY BUSINESS Featured in The Big Thrill

Heads up! There’s a nice write up of Dying Is My Business and an interview with yours truly in The Big Thrill, the online publication of the International Thriller Writers. Check it:

Magic and the supernatural have become commonplace, even institutionalized in the genre. Characters work for special government agencies that handle the supernatural, or are P.I.s that specialize in supernatural cases. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted a world where the supernatural is hidden from the public. And that includes Trent. So every time he discovers something new, it fills him with wonder or dread or terror. That sense of awe follows him throughout the book. I was careful to remember that as the protagonist he’s a stand-in for the audience, and I want the audience to feel that same awe and wonder and terror. If Trent is jaded or bored by the world he lives in, the readers will be, too, and that’s death for a book.

One small correction: Despite what the article says, my collection Still Life: Nine Stories was not nominated for any awards. I don’t know why the author thought it was. Maybe he’s from an alternate universe where people actually read Still Life?

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