ChiZine Publications Ebook Sale

ChiZine Publications is having a week-long Boxing Day sale! (Would that be a Boxing Week sale?) Get 50% off all ebooks until January 1st!

This includes the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated and International Thriller Writers Award-nominated Chasing the Dragon by yours truly — but really, no matter what you buy, you can’t go wrong with a ChiZine book.

Order soon! The sale ends January 1st!

Badass Best of 2013

The aptly named book blog Badass Book Reviews has chosen Dying Is My Business as one of their Badass Best of 2013! Another nice accolade to end the year on!

Click here for the full list of badassery.

I won’t be online much over the next couple of days — because of family stuff and because I want to avoid Doctor Who Christmas special spoilers — so if I don’t see you, I hope you have a merry Christmas!

The Peter O’Toole Miracle

It is a little known fact that ever since Peter O’Toole died five days ago, he has been mysteriously appearing on old science fiction book covers around the globe:

A miracle? A message from the great beyond? You decide.

Zombies & Toys Reviews DYING IS MY BUSINESS

I’ve never heard of this website before, Zombies & Toys. It looks like they deal mostly with horror collectibles, comics, video games, and movies. But they also review books — a rarity for media sites these days! — and recently they turned their eye toward Dying Is My Business. It’s a pretty great review, too. Here’s a pull quote:

“Kaufmann has created a seriously complex and interesting character…in Trent, and has surrounded him with a supporting cast of moody, counter-culture anti-heroes who make this one of the best books I’ve ever enjoyed. Dying Is My Business will grab you by the throat and throw you headlong into a version of New York City you never knew existed.  I hope you don’t like sleep, because this is one book you won’t be putting down until you’ve finished it.”



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