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More Copies of DYING IS MY BUSINESS Spotted in the Wild

Manhattanites, you’re in luck! Today’s edition of “Spotted in the Wild” takes place exclusively in your borough of our fair city!


Here’s Dying Is My Business on the New Fiction table at the Barnes & Noble on 46th Street and Fifth Avenue! As you can see from the sticker (awkwardly placed over half of Jonathan Maberry’s very kind blurb), their stock is now signed by yours truly! Go get some! Also, stacking my book right next to the new paperback of Joe Hill’s NOS4A2? I’ll take it!


Here’s Dying Is My Business on the New Fiction table of the 86th Street and Lexington Avenue B&N! These, too, are signed, as you can tell from the sticker that has been placed just as awkwardly over half of my name. (I’m going to stop worrying about sticker placement before it drives me crazy!)

Fun fact: The 86th and Lex B&N is the only store to ever ask me for I.D. when I told them I wrote the book and offered to sign their stock! I asked the bookseller if she’d ever asked an author for I.D. and it turned out they were lying. She said no, never. Which I guess makes it sort of like those new voter I.D. laws. (To be fair, she also said it was a personal policy, not company policy, and she asks for I.D. mostly because she thinks it’s fun.)

Anyway, if you Manhattan types happen to be in Midtown or on the Upper East Side and are looking for signed copies of Dying Is My Business, now you know where to go!

New Blurb!

Dying Is My Business is a delight, a fabulous blend of mystery, crime, fantasy and thrills!” — James A. Moore, author of Seven Forges and Subject Seven

Three Big Online Appearances Today

I’ve got three big appearances around the Internet today! Join me, won’t you, on this journey into epic link-clicking…

1) I’m on John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, with an essay for The Big Idea! Scalzi’s blog is read by pretty much every sf/f reader in the universe — including me and my wife — so to be part of his ongoing Big Idea series is a dream come true. Here’s a snippet:

I think anybody would be hard pressed to argue that Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger is the best of the Ray Harryhausen Sinbad trilogy. Sure, it’s a passable and occasionally thrilling adventure, but it’s no 7th Voyage, or even Golden Voyage. (Although it does feature a post-Doctor Who Patrick Troughton, so it definitely has that in its favor!) And yet, the film’s influence on Dying Is My Business is enormous in ways I didn’t recognize until late in the process. Believe me, no one was more surprised than I was!

2) I’m also featured in a Q&A on the urban fantasy/suspense/horror website My Bookish Ways! Come see me perform the ultimate blasphemy of mentioning Big Trouble in Little China and The Golden Child in the same breath!

3) I’ve got another Q&A posted on urban fantasy author Suzanne Johnson’s blog, Preternatura! Come see me talk about my love for The Chronicles of Prydain, how Clive Barker’s Books of Blood changed my life, and why it’s so hard to kill off characters!

High Praise Indeed

“I even did some housework to postpone reading the final chapter. That is how badly I want this story to still be going on right now.”

Wow, thanks, New Adult Addiction! That’s quite a pull-quote. And the rest of your review of Dying Is My Business is pretty damn good, too!