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100 FATHOMS BELOW is a Bestseller!

You guys! With your support, as of 10 PM tonight 100 Fathoms Below is ranked at 258 on Amazon Kindle. Not in a particular subcategory — that’s for ALL of Amazon Kindle e-books sold! (And it’s the number two horror novel on Amazon after Bird Box!) On B&N Nook, it’s ranked at 99. Again, that’s for ALL Nook e-books sold! I’m losing my mind!

New Review of 100 FATHOMS BELOW

Check out this great new review of 100 Fathoms Below from Frank Michaels Errington:

5 of 5 Stars. Fast-paced undersea horror/thriller…Full of surprises until the very end.

Guest Post on Collaborations

I wrote a guest post for Frank Michaels Errington’s book review site on what it’s like to collaborate on a novel with another author. If you’ve ever wanted to collaborate on a novel, or are just curious about it, click the link below to give it a read!

The most important key to a good collaborative experience is getting over yourself.

Catch Me On the Literary License Podcast

Tune in to hear me and my 100 Fathoms Below co-author Steven L. Kent discuss John W. Campbell’s classic novella “Who Goes There?” and Howard Hawks’ 1951 film adaptation The Thing from Another World with host Keith Chawgo on season 2 episode 31 of the Literary License Podcast! You can catch it on:





or the Literary License Podcast website!

I hope you’ll give it a listen!