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Vampire Book Club’s Best Books of 2013

Holy crap! Dying Is My Business was voted one of Vampire Book Club’s Best Books of 2013! Here’s what they have to say about it:

Ever wish there was a fantasy version of The Bourne Identity? Us, too. Dying is My Business is a really great example of an urban setting mixing brilliantly with a high fantasy element. The contrast between the gritty criminal underworld Trent is working in against the almost fairy-tale mythical world he stumbles upon makes for a vivid read. The action sequences had a sense of realism yet were at the same time magical.

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Dying Is My Business yet, what are you waiting for?


The Goodreads Best Books of 2013 Semifinal Round has been announced, and it looks like a lot of the bullshit has been shaken out of the nominations. Except in Horror, of course, but that’s nothing new.

Why the Goodreads Best Books of 2013 Award Won’t Matter

Now that the write-in period of the Goodreads Best Books of 2013 Award is over, I can say this. Watching authors grub for votes, even if camouflaged in self-deprecating humor, has been disgusting. Have some dignity and some faith in your work. Vote grubbing is exactly the reason open voting awards on the Internet don’t carry any weight. They’re rigged from the start to favor whoever can cajole the most Internet followers into voting for them. This results in terrible books winning, which in turn results in the award becoming a meaningless joke.

Here’s Something That Happened at the World Fantasy Convention

Big, backslapping congratulations to my good friends Brett Savory and Sandra Kasturi of ChiZine Publications (publishers of Chasing the Dragon!) for winning the British Fantasy Society’s PS Publishing Independent Press Award for Best Small Press! Woohoo!

Many hearty congrats also to my friends Helen Marshall for winning the BFS’s Sydney J. Bounds Newcomer Award for Hair Side, Flesh Side (ChiZine Publications) and Robert Shearman for winning the BFS’s Best Collection Award for Remember Why You Fear Me (ChiZine Publications)!

It’s all CZP, all the time!