Hunt at World’s End


From the towers of Manhattan to the wilds of Borneo, one man finds adventure everywhere he goes: GABRIEL HUNT. Backed by the resources of the $100 million Hunt Foundation and armed with his trusty Colt revolver, Gabriel Hunt has always been ready for anything — but is he prepared for


Three jewels, lost for centuries and scattered across the globe, hold the secret to a device of unspeakable power, and only Gabriel Hunt can prevent them from falling into the hands of an ancient Hittite cult — or a rival bent on world domination…


“The book is written in the very best pulp style: it’s set in the present day, but it feels like something right out of the 1930’s or 40’s (readers familiar with the Doc Savage novels will know exactly what to expect)….Fans of pulp fiction, adventure novels, and just plain good times should consider this a must-read.” — Booklist

“Drawing firmly on the pulp tradition but never shying away from the latest and most improbable gadgetry, Gabriel Hunt’s third adventure proves him a contemporary heir to Indiana Jones, Bruce Wayne and Travis McGee….Readers willing to suspend disbelief and embrace a touch of the supernatural will enjoy Hunt’s romp across several continents.” Publishers Weekly

“Dust off your ‘Indie fedora’ to read this rousing archeological adventure novel! Any fan of pulp fiction will greatly enjoy this book.” — Portland Book Review

Hunt at World’s End maintains [a] level of excellence with a fast paced narrative, colorful characters and exotic locales. What more could a pulp fan want?” — Pulp Fiction Reviews

“Reading this entry in the Gabriel Hunt series is a lot like reading an old Republic serial….The book has everything a good serial needs. Secret codes, ancient death cults, swords, bows and arrows, buried tombs, sunken tombs, mystical jewels of power, constant jeopardy, hairsbreadth escapes, betrayals, and a little romance….If you’re looking for escape, this book will give it to you. Check it out.” –Bill Crider, author of the Sheriff Dan Rhodes mystery series

Hunt at World’s End is the latest entry in the new pulp-style series of books from those who brought us the Hard Case Crime line, Dorchester and Charles Ardai. This one is written by Nicholas Kaufmann and, for my money anyway, is the third winner in a row….The action is unending, keeping one rapidly turning those pages to find out what comes next. Good stuff here. A neat little thriller and recommended.” — Randy Johnson’s Not the Baseball Pitcher blog

“This third story in the Gabriel Hunt series, written by Nicholas Kaufmann, moves along at a clipped pace. One exciting twist after another will put a smile on the reader’s face.” — Fresh Fiction

“Author Nicholas Kaufmann writes with a tireless ferocity creating a fast-paced narrative that invokes the spirit of the masters who came before. Kaufmann brings Gabriel Hunt to life and firmly establishes him as a character worthy of becoming a successor to the pulp heroes of yesterday.” — Bob Freeman’s Occult Detective blog