Jack Haringa Must Die

Jack Haringa Must Die Cover

Out of print. All proceeds from this anthology benefited the Shirley Jackson Awards.

Jack Haringa. The very name strikes fear in the hearts of the grammatically challenged. But fear not, semicolon abusers and malapropists! The tables are turned in Jack Haringa Must Die!, which collects the very best Haringa death scenes and tales from Jack Ketchum, Christopher Golden, Brian Keene, Craig Shaw Gardner, James A. Moore, Nick Mamatas, Mary SanGiovanni, Lee Thomas, Bev Vincent and many more.

Edited by Nicholas Kaufmann, with an introduction by Paul G. Tremblay and an afterword by Jack Haringa himself, this fundraising anthology will thrill you, scare you, tickle your funny bone and have you resounding the battle cry: Jack Haringa must die!


“Following the light-hearted novels of Christopher Moore and Jeff Strand, humor has become an increasingly popular trend in horror fiction. Kaufmann’s collection blends Strand and Moore’s comedic horror with heady doses of the dark and twisted…..After the first twenty-five pages, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Jack Haringa Must Die is easily the most amusing read I’ve sat down with in ages. If ever I need a text to dissuade me from misplacing my semicolons, or ending a sentence with a preposition, this is it! An overall recommended book from this montage of Haringa’s colleagues.” FearZone.com

“Delightfully macabre…Throughout the course of this chapbook Mr. Haringa experiences many a gruesome death, including death at the hands of zombies and slow torture by pontificating fanboy, not to mention the old Sweeny Todd treatment. Along the way, the reader gets to enjoy horror tales by such horror luminaries as Jack Ketchum, Brian Keene, Christopher Golden, and Lee Thomas.” — The Green Man Review

“Whether you know Jack Haringa or not before reading these grisly tales of woe, by the collection’s end you will have either grown to love him or you will want to write your own version of his untimely demise.” — Dark Scribe Magazine