The Mind Worms (Dr. Laura Powell series #3)

The Mind Worms (Dr. Laura Powell series #3) Cover

Available in e-book, paperback, and audio!

Over the years, Dr. Laura Powell has seen things in her morgue that no one has ever seen before–a corpse filled with an unknown fungus, a body completely petrified mere moments after death–but she’s never had a dead body wake up on the autopsy table.

Until now.

Environmental scientist Jordan Mintz was pronounced dead after suffering a mysterious illness. Now, suddenly, he finds himself alive once more, but changed. Plagued by visions of worms and an unforgiving, insatiable hunger, he wonders if he’s the same man he was before.

Or if he’s even human anymore.

After a brutal act of violence rocks the small Hudson Valley city of Sakima, Jordan goes missing. With the help of forensic tech Park Dae-jung and chief of police Elena Morales, Laura searches for answers. How is Jordan alive again? What is the unknown illness that supposedly killed him in the first place? And most importantly, where did Jordan go?

Because time is running out. There are other people looking for Jordan, too. People who would have preferred he stay dead. But that’s not the worst of it. Something is growing inside of Jordan, something inhuman, dangerous, and deadly. When it emerges, no one anywhere will be safe.

With The Mind Worms, multiple award-nominated bestselling author Nicholas Kaufmann delivers yet another riveting, fast-paced thriller in the Dr. Laura Powell series.


“A lot of fun! My favorite in the series so far! Nicholas Kaufmann goes to some very dark places in this book that I wasn’t expecting at all!” — Jason’s Weird Reads

“Really well paced and engaging…A thoroughly enjoyable read!” — The Bookubus