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Black Gate has published a rave review of Chasing the Dragon! Here’s a snippet (you can click through to read the whole review):

A tight, focused narrative…Chasing the Dragon is unlike any other novel I’ve read, and easily one of my favorite reads of 2016. It is definitely worth checking out if you like fantasy, horror, stories about the darker side of things (cuz heroin addiction is pretty dark) and deep, unique character work.

Still haven’t read this Thriller Award-nominated and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated book? Grab a copy today!

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(Photo by Jonathan Lees, taken at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival this past weekend.)


Appearing at the HIP Lit Reading Series on Friday, October 28th

Are you looking for a good Halloween party to go to in the New York City area on Friday, October 28th? Well, look no further, because all your spooky prayers have been answered! Come see me, Chandler Klang Smith, John Langan, and our curator Daniel Braum read spooky tales of spookiness for your well-spooked entertainment. There will also be music from Janna Pelle, who may also be spooky, I don’t know, I haven’t met her. Here are the details:

Friday, October 28th
9 PM – 12 AM
Be Electric Studios, 1298 Willoughby Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Refreshments will be served. SPOOKY refreshments! Halloween costumes are encouraged but totally optional. SPOOKY optional!

I hope to see you there! Here’s the Facebook event page if you’re into that kind of thing: Oh, the Horror! A Spooky Salon with Stories & Music

Steve Lichman, Vol. 1

Steve Lichman - Volume ISteve Lichman – Volume I by David Rapoza
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hilarious and brilliantly written and drawn, STEVE LICHMAN is a graphic novel that tells the story of a Lich named Steve who lives in a dungeon with his friends: a mind flayer obsessed with anime, a mummy who’s constantly spouting 9/11 conspiracy theories, a beholder who’s always high, and their loser hanger-on pal Count Dracula. Their lives are frequently interrupted by adventurers seeking gold and monsters to fight, until one day a cool, young, blond-mulleted vampire in a leather jacket named Kiefer shows up and turns their world upside-down. It’s impossible to express just how amazingly pitch-perfect all of this is. If you’ve ever played Dungeons & Dragons — or hell, if you’ve ever just browsed through the Monster Manual — you’re going to love this. I can’t wait for volume two!

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