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I’m mighty pleased to report that¬†Dying Is My Business made it onto the Paperback Fiction bestseller list at Dark Delicacies bookstore!

If you’re not familiar with Dark Delicacies (and you should be), they’re a great, highly esteemed, and influential horror-themed bookstore in Burbank, California. They also happen to report their bestsellers to the New York Times bestseller list, so yay for that!

Serious question, so please answer with your serious thoughts: Does this make me a bestselling author?

The Mocking Dead

The Mocking Dead Volume 1The Mocking Dead Volume 1 by Fred Van Lente
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fred Van Lente has written an amazing spoof of the zombie-survival subgenre while still managing to create a tense, suspenseful zombie tale. His love of goofy humor and the old horror movies they used to air on “creature feature” TV shows comes through in a tale that tackles a lot more than zombies. Van Lente dissects — and shows his obvious love for — geek and nerd culture, with everything from tabletop gaming to the erroneous concept of “fake geek girls” thoroughly examined and when necessary, as the title suggests, mocked. The five issues collected in this trade edition are a great deal of fun, but if you ask me, they’re over too soon. If Van Lente and artist Max Dunbar should have more in store for us, I’ll be waiting eagerly to read it.

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While We’re on the Subject of Photos…


This may be the greatest picture of me ever taken.

Cats As Armrests


So this happened the other night. It’s rare enough for Olympia (left) and Galapagos (right) to be anywhere near each other without tussling, but see that spot between them on the couch? That’s where I was sitting, with one cat on each side of me like armrests. Both cats were clearly uncomfortable with the arrangement, but neither wanted to be the first to leave the couch and thus admit defeat. This detente lasted well into the night.