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Trent Series Goes Out of Print

What’s that old expression, when one door closes another opens?

In the same week my newest novel, The Hungry Earth, is published, the Trent novels — Dying Is My Business and Die and Stay Dead — are now officially out of print.

This means the e-books are no longer available anywhere. However, you will still find some paperbacks for sale, probably at a deep discount, as St. Martin’s has the right to sell their leftover stock. I will continue to earn royalties on those sales, so feel free to buy them if you want.

I wish these books had found their audience, but alas, so many books never do. I’m grateful to St. Martin’s for taking a chance on the series, and on me. Now, onward and upward!


THE HUNGRY EARTH Releases Today!

Today’s the day! The Hungry Earth hits bookstores today! I’m so excited for everyone to read it!

The Hungry Earth is available in e-book, print, and audio (narrated by my dear friend Linda Jones)! You can order it from:


Barnes & Noble



Or your favorite bookseller!

Here’s what people are saying about The Hungry Earth:

“Jack Finney meets Michael Crichton meets 21st century spores. Nicholas Kaufmann’s The Hungry Earth is a fast-paced thrill ride through a scarily plausible fungal nightmare.” — Paul Tremblay, bestselling author of Survivor Song and The Cabin at the End of the World

“Nicholas Kaufmann’s The Hungry Earth is required reading for anyone who loves tightly plotted horror. It’s a gleeful throwback to the best body horror of the ’80s, updated with a modern premise. His best work to date. Devour it, before it devours you!” — Sarah Langan, bestselling author of Good Neighbors

“If you’re like me, The Hungry Earth will make you squirm out of your skin. Nicholas Kaufmann offers up an unputdownable blend of gruesome body horror and fast-paced suspense that will have you looking suspiciously at mushrooms for a long time to come.” — Ray Garton, author of Live Girls and Ravenous

“Kaufmann’s The Hungry Earth is eco-horror at its finest. With vividly drawn characters and a protagonist you’ll want to follow through additional books, the plight of Sakima and its denizens resounds with emotional intensity and accelerates with the verve of the best medical thrillers. Visceral, detailed, impeccably researched. And all too real for comfort.” — John Hornor Jacobs, author of A Lush and Seething Hell: Two Tales of Cosmic Horror

Grab your copy today!

Giving the Devil His Due

Giving the Devil His DueGiving the Devil His Due by Rebecca Brewer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full disclosure: I have a story in this charity anthology, “Daughter of Echidna,” but given the impressive lineup of authors and the good cause for which it’s raising money, I would have read it anyway!

Reading sixteen stories in a row about the abusers of women meeting their comeuppance could result in a feeling of monotony, but credit goes to the authors for keeping things fresh and different in each story. You’ll find everything from secret societies to ancient gods to TALES FROM THE CRYPT-style supernatural twists. As with any anthology, some stories resonated with me more than others, but I didn’t find a single dud in the bunch.

All net proceeds from sales of this anthology go toward supporting The Pixel Project’s anti-violence against women programs, campaigns, and resources. Pick it up; you won’t be disappointed. It’s sixteen great stories for one great cause!

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Unveiling my new author photo! Photography by the amazing Alberto Vasari!

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