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Interview at Wag the Fox

Gef Fox interviewed me about In the Shadow of the Axe over at Wag the Fox. Here’s a snippet (you can click through to read the whole interview):

With IN THE SHADOW OF THE AXE, the small German mountain village of Helmburg is isolated and agrarian and lives in the shadow, at times literally, of its difficult and tragic past. Its isolation has left it steeped in tradition and superstition at a time when the rest of Europe is shedding the cloak of irrationality and progressing toward scientific reason, which makes it the perfect setting for a story that’s really about the clash between old and new generations, between the fears of the past and the desire of the present to move past them.

Also, you’ll definitely want to check out my remarkably astute answer to his question, “How have you found your progression as a writer thus far?”

Haven’t ordered a copy of In the Shadow of the Axe yet? There’s no time like the present!


If you’re planning to come to the HIP Lit salon tomorrow to hear me, Chandler Klang Smith, Daniel Braum, and John Langan read — and I hope you are! — there’s been an exciting CHANGE OF VENUE for this event. From the HIP Lit organizers:

“Tomorrow’s salon will be held at the very cool and very spooky warehouse space, The Muse, where the circus lives and the ghosts from the many nearby graveyards haunt. It’s located in Bushwick, in between the Halsey and Wilson L stops (closer to the Wilson), on the border of a beautiful swath of cemeteries. Don’t be afraid! It’s going to be a super fun and thrilling evening… well worth the fear. Also, if you feel inspired, we’d love to see you in your scariest costumes. Can’t wait for tomorrow night!”

Click here for more information.

From the Better Late Than Never Department

Black Gate has published a rave review of Chasing the Dragon! Here’s a snippet (you can click through to read the whole review):

A tight, focused narrative…Chasing the Dragon is unlike any other novel I’ve read, and easily one of my favorite reads of 2016. It is definitely worth checking out if you like fantasy, horror, stories about the darker side of things (cuz heroin addiction is pretty dark) and deep, unique character work.

Still haven’t read this Thriller Award-nominated and Shirley Jackson Award-nominated book? Grab a copy today!

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(Photo by Jonathan Lees, taken at the Merrimack Valley Halloween Book Festival this past weekend.)