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Macmillan’s fall catalogs are out! (I’m still not used to spelling catalog without “-ue” at the end. I’m a thousand years old!) Included among them is the St. Martin’s Griffin fall catalog, featuring the sequel to Dying Is My BusinessDie and Stay Dead, on page 49! Here’s the catalog copy for the novel, which is due out September 30:


In this pulse­pounding sequel to Dying Is My Business, Trent, a man who can’t stay dead or retain his memories, tries to uncover his connection to a deadly Doomsday cult bent on destroying NYC.

A brutal murder in Greenwich village puts Trent and the Five­-Pointed Star on the trail of Erickson Arkwright, the last surviving member of a doomsday cult. Back in the day, the Aeternis Tenebris cult thought the world would end on New Year’s Eve of 2000. When it didn’t, they decided to end it themselves by summoning Nahash­-Dred, a powerful, terrifying demon known as the Destroyer of Worlds. But something went wrong. The demon massacred the cult, leaving Arkwright the sole survivor.

Now, hiding somewhere in New York City with a new identity, Arkwright plans to summon the demon again and finish the job he started over a decade ago. As Trent rushes to locate a long-­lost magical artifact that may be the only way to stop him, the clues begin to mount… Trent’s past and Arkwright’s might be linked somehow. And if they are, it means the truth of who Trent really is may lie buried in the twisted mind of a madman.


Praise for Dying Is My Business:

“Filled with characters that should appeal to urban fantasy readers…and told with a real sense of style and wit, the book should have no trouble amassing an enthusiastic readership.” —Booklist

“Truly an unforgettable suspense novel that’s narrated with humor and a bit of sarcasm—something that is usually only done well by Dean Koontz… Creepy, fun, and immensely entertaining…a definite keeper!” —Suspense Magazine

“…If you like your Urban Fantasy spiced up with elements that have made the adventures of Marvel Comics’ heroes so exciting, powerful, and poignant, pick up Dying Is My Business.” —Criminal Element

NICHOLAS KAUFMANN lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and two cats—one of which has special needs, the other of which only pretends to.

St. Martin’s Griffin | 9/30/2014
9781250036124 | $15.99 / $18.50 Can.
Paperback / softback | 400 pages | Carton Qty: 20
5.500 in W | 8.250 in H | 1.000 lb Wt

UK Rights: St. Martin’s Press
Translation Rights: St. Martin’s Press

Other Available Formats:
Ebook ISBN: 9781250036117

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* Urban Life!!!!

You Know You’ve Made It When…

…you find a copy of your book at the Brooklyn Public Library.



Necon 34 News

I’ve been going to Necon — more formally known as the Northeastern Writers Conference; informally known as Camp Necon — since the year 2000, missing only one year in between. And if there’s one thing I remember from the start, it’s that their website was outdated even then. But not anymore! Thanks to Matt Bechtel and Sara Calia, Necon now has a brand-spanking-new and much more user-friendly website, just in time for Necon 34!

Did I mention I will be one of the Guests of Honor at Necon 34? Well, I will be! The other Guests of Honor will be New York Times bestselling author Michael Koryta and actress/director/author Amber Benson. By fabulous coincidence, the Artist Guest of Honor will be Erik Mohr, who designed the amazing cover to my novella Chasing the Dragon. Acting as Toastmaster will be the inimitable critic and author Jack Haringa. I thought he was dead!

So, are you coming? Of course you’re coming! You can register via the Necon website I linked to above.

Also, here’s another bit of very cool Necon news. Bram Stoker Award-winning author Elizabeth Massie, a Necon regular, has set up the Bob Booth Necon Memorial Fund, which will help make Necon attendance possible for those who might not be able go due to financial constraints. If you’re able to, please donate to the cause here.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Let this actual photo from the Long Island Rail Road remind everyone: For the love of God, stay inside!