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Trent Series Goes Out of Print

What’s that old expression, when one door closes another opens?

In the same week my newest novel, The Hungry Earth, is published, the Trent novels — Dying Is My Business and Die and Stay Dead — are now officially out of print.

This means the e-books are no longer available anywhere. However, you will still find some paperbacks for sale, probably at a deep discount, as St. Martin’s has the right to sell their leftover stock. I will continue to earn royalties on those sales, so feel free to buy them if you want.

I wish these books had found their audience, but alas, so many books never do. I’m grateful to St. Martin’s for taking a chance on the series, and on me. Now, onward and upward!


On the Shelves at Powell’s

Spotted in the wild at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon. I’m happy to see they’re still on bookstore shelves!

Of course, I’m even happier when I see them on the shelves in people’s homes! 🙂

This Just In: Another Reason to Come to BookCon!

I mentioned that I’m signing books at BookCon this Saturday at the Chizine Publications booth (#2359) from 1 PM – 3 PM. But now there’s even better news!

When you buy a copy of Chasing the Dragon while I’m there, you’ll get a free copy of my latest novel, Die and Stay Dead! That’s right, I said a free copy! Supplies are limited, so get there early!

Once again that’s the ChiZine Publications booth (#2359) on Saturday from 1 PM – 3 PM. Buy a copy of Chasing the Dragon, get a copy of Die and Stay Dead free!



In the “better late than never” department, The Urban Politico has published a glowing new review of Die and Stay Dead. Here’s a snippet:

This story is just crying out to be translated into the visual medium. I’m imagining something that draws on Big Trouble in Little China, Angel Heart and National Treasure….What’s really the juicy sweet spot of this story [is] the author’s envisioning of New York City as a special, magical and very old place….Kaufmann weaves a pretty compelling mystery story. This is a book you ought to be reading.

I’ve mentioned before that sales of Dying Is My Business and Die and Stay Dead were disappointing, and that St. Martin’s will only publish the third and final book in the trilogy if sales improve drastically. So if you’re a fan of the series, please tell all your friends. And if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the perfect time to start!


There’s some sad news to report today, too. World Fantasy Award-winning author Tanith Lee has passed away at the much too young age of 67. I interacted with her briefly back in the early 1990s. I worked for The Overlook Press at the time and we were publishing her Secret Books of Paradys series. She was such a good a writer, and she left us with a lifetime’s worth of amazing fiction. Rest in peace, Tanith Lee.