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“Nicholas Kaufmann Double-shot!”

Mike Ferrante over at King of the Nerds!!! has some very nice things to say about the Trent series in a double-review of Dying Is My Business and Die and Stay Dead, including this lovely bit:

Kaufmann once again demonstrates an adept ability to insert wonderful character-driven moments into the middle of huge epic scenes of magic and mayhem. All in all Die and Stay Dead doubles down on the action of the first novel going so far as to end on a bit of a cliffhanger that seems to promise a third novel that pulls out all of the stops. If you are looking for a new urban fantasy series to try I highly recommend giving Nicholas Kaufmann’s Trent novels a shot. I can’t wait to see how events play out in the third novel.

It turns out Mike is also a big fan of Chasing the Dragon, which is pretty cool:

I first encountered Nicholas Kaufmann’s fiction reading Chasing the Dragon a wonderful novella put out by the fine folks over at Chizine; it’s a wonderful little fantasy allegory about addiction that I highly highly recommend.

You know, I love hearing what readers think of my books, and to be honest I wish more readers would blog or post their thoughts about them. I know they won’t all be as positive as Mike’s, but often we authors feel like we’re just sending books out into the void with no idea if they’re resonating with readers or not. So it’s nice to hear about it when people enjoy our books. It reminds us why we’re doing this in the first place.

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In other fun news, I’m a guest judge on All Things Urban Fantasy‘s Cover Art Coverage this week! I’ve loved Cover Art Coverage for a long time now and always dreamed of being asked to be a guest judge. Many thanks to Kristina and Megan for having me. Go on and click through. It’s fun, and you’ll get to see which book cover I call “the Geocities of covers”!



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