None Of The Above

I was inspired by a conversation with friends about politics (I know!) to do something I’ve never done before. I started a petition at! The petition’s request? To add a “None Of The Above” option to all primary and general election ballots! Here’s the text of the petition:

Add a “None Of The Above” option to all primary and general election ballots.

Low voter turnout is often blamed on the apathy of the American voter, but that’s not true. Many Americans are simply disgusted with the choice of candidates we’re given in our elections, which leads scores of voters to stay home on election day. It also forces voters who still wish to participate to choose what they consider to be the lesser of two evils, rather than leaders who inspire them.

Offering a non-binding “None Of The Above” option would drive up turnout by allowing voters to voice their dissatisfaction with the choices they’re given. It would also send a clear message to the election winners that they do not have the mandate of the people that they so often think they do.

For these reasons, let’s add a “None Of The Above” option to all primary and general election ballots.

I would have gone into more detail if I could, but they only allow you a certain amount of space to write in, which is probably smart considering who writes some of these petitions. One thing I would have liked to add is what I mean by non-binding, which is basically that if the “None Of the Above” option gets more votes than the winning candidate, it doesn’t mean the election is forfeit and the primaries have to start all over again with different candidates. While that may sound pretty good in theory, in practice it would be a nightmare.

Anyway, this is the link to the petition itself. Please read it, sign it, and share it with your friends! We need 100,000 signatures by March 11th!

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