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Apparently “Once Upon a Time” Is Still On The Air

Regular readers of this blog know I stopped watching ABC’s Once Upon a Time because it exceeded the bounds of the ridiculous, even for a story about fairy tale characters living in small town Maine with no memory of being talking crickets and whatnot. I enjoyed the first few episodes, but then it became dully repetitive and the characters stopped doing things I cared about. Now I just read io9’s deliciously snarky recaps to see what hilariously awful thing I missed this week, and how it inevitably ties in to the concept of true love, which is either a transforming force for good, or, when denied, turns you evil. (Or at least Grumpy.)

Seriously, there should be a drinking game attached to this show. Every time a character whines about true love, you take a shot. By which I mean a bullet. In the face. Oh, sweet release!

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