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Alexa’s First Half Marathon

Alexa ran 13.1 miles this morning in the More Magazine + Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon in Central Park! It was her very first half marathon, and I couldn’t be prouder!

We spent Saturday in a pre-race sign-making arts and crafts session.

This is Alexa all suited up for the race at oh-God-early-o’clock this morning. You can’t see the clock on the microwave behind her, but its numbers would make no rational sense anyway. THAT’S HOW EARLY IT WAS!

Here I am cheering Alexa on with one of the more popular signs we made. Lots of passing runners gave it the thumbs-up, laughed, and/or told me it was great. Some even stopped to take pictures. I’m glad I could give people a few smiles during that grueling final stretch.

After the race, Alexa received a medal! Here she is Hulking out with her friend and coworker Laura, who ran the race with her.

It was a great day, and Alexa was amazing! She won’t admit it, but I think she’s totally hooked on races now. I’m certainly hooked on cheering for her!

More of my pictures from the big race can be seen here.

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