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Another Chasing the Dragon Audiobook Review

The website Nerfreader has some nice things to say about Iambik’s Chasing the Dragon¬†audiobook:

I would love a prequel following Georgia before the events in Chasing the Dragon. Some of it is provided in flashbacks, and it would be great to learn more about the person Georgia was before she became so numb. I love how the story starts in the middle of the action, and we learn about Georgia and her motives as it moves along….overall I’m glad I met Georgia and would like to see her again.

Although, like most people who’ve read it, the reviewer thinks the book is too short. I take that as a compliment, every time. If readers want to spend more time with my characters in the world I’ve created for them, how could I not take it as a compliment? (The reviewer also got a little confused by the mythology I created. First time I’ve heard that from anyone, but note to self: Next time make mythology clearer.)

The reviewer also thought it was odd to have a man narrating the audiobook when both the major characters are female, but just as it did for me and the fine folks at ChiZine Publications, Alex Foster’s superlative delivery quickly squashed any doubts. (I want Foster to narrate all my audiobooks!)

Remember, you can buy the Chasing the Dragon audiobook from Iambik in a number of formats. And of course the trade paperback and eBook editions are still available as well.

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