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Zombies vs. Robots: This Means Reviews!

The first review of Zombies vs. Robots: This Means War is in! Shock Till You Drop has some nice things to say about the anthology, including this:

There are four factors for this collection that I must really gloat about. The first being the gorgeous art by Fabio Listrani. He has created some great pieces into the world of Zombies vs. Robots and a few interesting parodies of already famous art but under the scope of zombies and robots.

The second factor is the talent that is inside the web of authors. Norman Prentiss, Rachel Swirsky, Nancy A. Collins, Nicholas Kaufmann, Sean Taylor and Brea Grant just to name a few. The third great thing about this anthology is how you need not have read the original series Zombies vs. Robots to understand the stories. But the thing about this collection that gets me excited is located on the spine of the book where it says “#1.”

This I can only hope means we’ve got more war coming to us.

It’s rare I get singled out as one of the talent like that. Usually, I’m referred to by my code name “and others,” so I’m glad to see I’ve moved up in the ranks, mostly because I think my story in the anthology, “The Sorcerer’s Apprenticebot,” is one of the best things I’ve written, and perhaps this is a sign that it will get the attention it deserves.

As the review says, you don’t have to have read the original comic book series to enjoy the stories in This Means War, so be sure to grab your copy today!

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