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Readercon Takes A Step Forward

According to Readercon’s official convention committee Twitter account:

The entire Readercon board has now either resigned or announced intention to resign at the next meeting.

Good. I’m delighted to hear it. I hope they’re ashamed of themselves for the way they betrayed Genevieve Valentine, betrayed every single Readercon attendee who wants a gathering safe from harassment, and betrayed their own clearly stated policy, all so they could coddle a serial stalker and harasser who also just happens to be a big-name fan who organizes a lot of conventions.

While this is a good step forward, I hope it also means the ConCom will now step in to reverse the Board’s egregious mistake and ban Rene “You make me want to say wrong things” Walling from Readercon for the continued existence of the convention.

One response to “Readercon Takes A Step Forward”

  1. Matt Kressel says:

    At least there is progress.

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