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The Brooklyn Book Festival

Yesterday was perfect weather for the Brooklyn Book Festival, warm in the sun and seasonably cool in the shade, making being out in the open all afternoon quite bearable. Alexa and I met up with some friends and took in the festival, always one of the literary highlights of the year.

As you can see, it was quite crowded. Too crowded to stumble across any of the other friends I knew would be at the festival, alas. Well, all except this guy.

Meet the Dim Sum Warrior, mascot to a company producing interactive e-books for learning Mandarin. The Dim Sum Warrior was, quite literally, everywhere we turned. It was impossible to avoid this delicious-looking, pork bun-headed mascot. I got hungrier and hungrier every time I caught a glimpse of him in the distance. Or, just as often, right behind me.

Here is the Dell Magazines booth. I think that’s Michael Swanwick holding up a copy of Asimov’s magazine!

Toadlily Press. I only took this picture because I wrote a story called “Toad Lily” for Cemetery Dance. It’s also in my new e-book collection Still Life: Nine Stories. Which you should totally buy right now!

My friends Chris Lynch, Ben Francisco, Dan Braum, and Jen Martino listening to one of the speakers.

It was a fun time at the Brooklyn Book Festival, as always. You can see more pictures here!

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