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Checking In With Olympia

Guess who was a feral cat all her life and is now okay with sitting on laps?

By the way, that’s Galapagos’s fat ass on the pillow under the love seat, in case you were wondering. She and Olympia are getting along okay. By getting along I mean Galapagos chases Olympia all over the apartment, corners her in the living room, and/or randomly swats her on the head. They tussle sometimes, but Olympia seems mostly okay with it. She hisses at Galapagos to let her know when it’s too much, and Galapagos will back off then. Mostly, Galapagos seems to be the dominant one, perhaps because she has seniority in the apartment, or maybe just because Olympia hasn’t learned yet that she can fight back. Something tells me that day is coming soon, though.

In other news, Olympia no longer hides all day and will actually sit out in the open with us in the living room to be a part of things. She enjoys watching the colorful shapes move around on the television — just like her dad! She has even started approaching us for affection, which is huge for her. She’s still skittish when eating, but that’s a learned behavior that may never entirely go away. Olympia has come quite a long way in the eight months she’s been a part of our lives. We couldn’t be prouder parents!

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  1. Livia Llewellyn says:

    Yay for lap cat!

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