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Run For the Elephants

My wife Alexa will be running a 5k at the Bronx Zoo on April 27! (Apparently this does not take the form of the zoo’s tigers being released to chase after everyone, which was my first thought.) But this isn’t any old 5k. It’s a fundraiser sponsored by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Here’s some of what she wrote on her donation page:

This year’s event is dedicated to Earth’s largest land mammals, which face an uncertain future in both Africa and Asia. The funds I raise will go toward the Wildlife Conservation Society’s projects to conserve elephants and other imperiled animals around the globe and at the Bronx Zoo.

Like humans, elephants form strong family bonds and friendships, and go to great lengths to care for and protect their herds. But unfortunately, these majestic creatures face an uncertain future across their range. Persecuted by poachers since prehistoric times for the valuable ivory in their tusks, elephants continue to be shot and killed every day.

With your support, I hope to raise my target of $275. Even $10 will make a big difference for elephants. The donations I collect will help WCS to reduce poaching and protect elephants through ecoguard programs and on-the-ground monitoring efforts in some of their last wild strongholds.

If you can, please consider donating, or if you want you can sign up to join her team and run or walk the 5k with her! All the information about donating or joining up can be found here.

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