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Book #2, tentatively titled Die and Stay Dead, has been delivered to my editor at St. Martin’s! Now we wait for his response and notes, if any. He already told me he’s so swamped it could be a couple of months before he has a chance to read it, so the wait could be a substantial one. In the meantime, I will keep myself from going crazy by focusing on other projects that are waiting in the wings, such as a short story set to appear in a forthcoming PS Publishing anthology, and a 10,000 word novelette for a project with IDW that hasn’t been announced yet. My agent has also asked me to run some other book ideas by him in the meantime.

I’m also going to start sketching out book #3, which I’m thinking of calling Only the Dead Sleep. It’s a tad premature, as my existing contract is only for two books, and we don’t know yet how well Dying Is My Business and Die and Stay Dead will do. Dying Is My Business doesn’t even come out until October (though you can pre-order it from Amazon for nearly 20% off!), and Die and Stay Dead likely won’t be out until the fall of 2014. Still, it’ll be good to have Only the Dead Sleep ready to go if I’m given the green light.

Speaking of Dying Is My Business, I had a pleasant email exchange with the St. Martin’s Press publicist assigned to my book. He seems nice and competent, both of which are excellent character traits in a publicist. He told me the ARCs have been sent off to the long lead time review organs like Publishers Weekly and Locus. Apparently he also sent it to some men’s magazines! Intriguing! I’m looking forward to working with him.

In somewhat related news, it looks like we’ve secured a great venue here in Brooklyn for the book launch in October. More news as it develops!

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