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ChiZine Publications is running a special Fantasy Fire Sale through the month of July. Among the many great deals is a chance to buy the ebook of the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated and International Thriller Award-nominated Chasing the Dragon for 20% off, if you order it directly from CZP’s website. That’s $6.36 instead of $7.95! But as they used to say in those Ginsu knife commercials…that’s not all!

For a limited time, you can also buy the trade paperback of Chasing the Dragon for 30% off (that’s $7.67 instead of $10.95!) directly from CZP’s website and receive the ebook edition free!

Essentially, what this breaks down to is this: You can buy the ebook for $6.36 or, for basically one dollar more, you can get both the ebook and a copy of the trade paperback to keep, donate to a used book shop, give to your friends, or sell on eBay after I sign it for you at Readercon or Necon.

But again, this special sale only works if you order directly from CZP’s website. So hop to it! The Fantasy Fire Sale ends when July does.

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