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Readercon This Weekend!

If you’re just joining us, I will be attending Readercon 24 this weekend! If you’ll be there too and would like to find me, you can see my schedule here.

Just don’t look for me in the hotel lobby or bar. Apparently, both will be closed for renovations during the convention. Seriously bad timing. Lobbies and bars are the main gathering points at any convention, and to be without them is an unwelcome disruption. Still, I’m so excited about Readercon and the opportunity to see so many of my friends and colleagues again that I’m trying not to be a grump about it.

Also, copies of Chasing the Dragon will be available in the Bookshop from ChiZine Publications. Lucky readers might also get a signed ARC of Dying Is My Business, coming from St. Martin’s Press this October!

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