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I, Frankenstein

Read Entertainment Weekly‘s description below of next year’s major motion picture I, Frankenstein, with Aaron Eckhart as the monster, and see if you can spot exactly the point where my eyes started rolling and never, ever stopped.

[Eckhart] says the [monster] is more akin to the tragic figure in Shelley’s 1818 novel — an intelligent, articulate being with a major identity crisis and “serious daddy issues.” However, unlike Shelley’s literary patchwork man, Eckhart’s monster is caught in an ongoing battle between evil demons and gargoyle sentinels. To aid in this war, he’s mastered the martial-arts skill of Kali stick fighting.

I can’t even.

One response to “I, Frankenstein”

  1. Aaron Saylor says:

    Wow. That is godawful.

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