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The Olympia Report: August, 2013

Olympia has taken ill, poor thing. We noticed certain changes in her behavior — no longer sleeping on the bed with us at night (or at all, really), no longer playing with her toys — and noticed she had lost a lot of weight. We discovered she wasn’t eating much, but we assumed that had to do with the hot weather. She would chew her beloved Greenies treats only to spit them out. After a while, we suspected it was actually a tooth or jaw issue, so we gave her some wet food instead of dry, and she took right to it, which seemed to confirm our theory. But when we brought her to the vet yesterday, it turned out her teeth were fine. And yet she had dropped, shockingly, from 9 pounds to 5 in a matter of a few short weeks, so something was definitely wrong.

The vet thinks it’s a liver issue. Olympia appears dehydrated. The vet took blood and urine samples. The urine came out dark, nearly orange, which also seems to point to the liver, or possibly the kidneys. We’ll know more when we get the blood work back today. We’ve already been warned that Olympia may need an ultrasound for a more concrete diagnosis.

In the mean time, Olympia is eating her wet food, although not a lot of it, and starting a course of antibiotics. We watched a video on how to give pills to cats, which was helpful. Olympia is no fan of pill time, of course, but she’s going to have to deal with it. The antibiotics may be the only thing that helps.

Alexa and I are trying not to become too distraught.

Update: Olympia’s blood work came back. The vet is pretty sure it’s a liver infection. We have to keep giving her the antiobiotics and make sure she eats. Other than that, all we can do is wait and hope she gets better.

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  1. Beverly says:

    My cat recovered very well from a liver infection. I thought we’d lost him, but with fluids and antibiotics and syringe feeding… he came through. I will be thinking of you guys and your sweet Olympia, and wishing the same kind of happy turn of events for you. 🙂

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