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Attention, people with eyes and ears! The charming and witty Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt are going to have me on their “Sword & Laser” video show/podcast on October 15th! I’m very excited in an “Oh my God, you guys, I can’t wait!” kind of way. In the meantime, Veronica and Tom have made the irreversible mistake of opening up their questions for me to the public. Don’t they know what kind of fans I have? Anyway, if you have a question you’d like them to ask me on your behalf, go here to let them know. (You have to sign up to be a member of their Goodreads group in order to leave a question, but you’ll want to do that anyway because their book club is amazing, too.) And don’t forget to tune in on the 15th!


In other news, I’m giving a talk this Saturday to the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers about the one thing every writer needs in their life: perseverance. Unfortunately, it’s only open to members of the GSSW, not the public. But feel free to imagine me standing in your living room and giving a rousing speech on never giving up.


In other other news, over 600 people have signed up for the Goodreads giveaway of Dying Is My Business! And there are only 3 days left! Get in there!


Also, the book comes out on Tuesday! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

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