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Criminal Element Review of DYING IS MY BUSINESS

Criminal Element has posted a great review of Dying Is My Business! But even more gratifying is the fact that they’re the first so far to pick up on the novel’s comic book influences. Here’s a snippet:

The Urban Fantasy story with its blend of the Sword and Sorcery and Crime/Detective genres has proven to be a potent and fun literary cocktail. That doesn’t mean though that the mix can’t be improved upon or revitalized by adding in new elements to spice things up. Nicholas Kaufmann proves that in his new novel Dying is My Business by throwing in some ideas and elements from an entirely different medium, comic books, specifically Marvel ones. These simple story-telling ideas pioneered by creators like Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are just as effective in prose and blend together nicely with the Crime and Sword and Sorcery conventions to make Dying is My Business a fun and unique story.

There’s more at the site. It’s really quite an in-depth write-up. It’s especially nice when readers and critics really get where you’re coming from.

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  1. Judith Richards says:

    Thank you for your great comment on the review of your book which was written by my son, Dave Richards. It made his day! He is also a web journalist for He knows his comics!

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