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Holy Crap!

The Dying Is My Business Goodreads giveaway ended early this morning, with more than 1,200 people having entered for a chance to win a copy! I don’t know if that’s any kind of record or not, but it sure is a mind boggling number of people. I’m kind of blown away by all the interest!

Congratulations to the ten winners: Terrell Sanzone, Craig Pearson, Lisa Barger, Michael [no last name], Andy [no last name], Mike Limon, Emily [no last name], Michelle [no last name], Jessica [no last name], and Randi Sipp. (I never knew so many people didn’t include their last names on their Goodreads accounts!) I hope you all enjoy the book. If you do, please be sure to let your friends know. If you don’t, be sure to send me an angry and incoherent email about how terrible it is and I only got published because I’m a glad-hander and/or prostitute. I’m making a scrapbook.

Publication day is tomorrow, people! Tomorrow!

*has panic attack*


*is resurrected by the power of love*

*rolls eyes at cliché*

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