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Two Tens

I’ve got two more big appearances around the Web today! And they both coincidentally involve the number 10.

First, I answer ten questions for Blackbirds author Chuck Wendig over at his blog, Terrible Minds. Here’s a snippet:

I learned some hefty lessons about plotting. I love great characters and I love emotional arcs, but I’ve always been a plot-heavy writer. So I thought writing a chase novel would be a breeze. Cue the loud buzzer and the giant red X from Family Feud.

Then, I’ve also got a Top 10 list — “Top 10 Immortal Heroes” — up at one of my favorite book blogs, All Things Urban Fantasy. There’s a free giveaway there, too, if you’d like to win a copy of Dying Is My Business. Just saying. Here’s a sneak peek about one of the better known immortal heroes on my list:

The question of whether Superman is immortal has been debated by comic book fans for decades. The theory is that Superman will never age or die as long as he has access to our yellow sun. The opposing viewpoint says Superman isn’t immortal per se, he’s just aging very, very slowly thanks to his superpowers, much like Wolverine. Possibly disproving both theories is the fact that Clark Kent grew up. If Superman can’t age, or ages very slowly, why isn’t he still the baby Ma and Pa Kent found in a corn field? The debate rages on. But all you really need to know is this: When Doomsday killed Superman, he didn’t stay dead very long. Whatever the reason for it, Superman appears to be immortal, borne out by the fact that in the comics he’s still alive in the 853rd century!

Did I mention there’s a free giveaway over there, too? Go check it out!

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