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A Rave Review, and a Peek Behind the Curtain

Two exciting things to report today!

First, SF Signal has a rave review of Dying Is My Business. Here’s a snippet:

A frenetic, breakneck paced novel that’s half hardboiled New York City crime story and half spectacularly realized fantasy novel… Enough twists and turns to keep even the most jaded of urban fantasy readers on the edge of their seat.

Next, and hopefully also of interest, I have a short essay up at the popular speculative fiction book blog as part of their “Story Behind the Story” series, detailing some of the influences behind Dying Is My Business. Here’s a sneak peek:

I’d been planning to write a chase novel for a while. Because I know New York City so well, and because it’s a city of such character and contradictions, I thought it would make the perfect setting. Yet, while I knew the tone I wanted for the novel—breathless pacing, lots of action and twists—I didn’t know the details yet. Who would our heroes be? Who was chasing them, and why? All I knew was that I wanted the driving factor to be something different from the usual thriller MacGuffin. No stolen thumb drives or experimental technology here. Since I’ve always loved supernatural stories, I went in that direction instead, choosing to make the MacGuffin something magical and dangerous. This decision, I quickly discovered, helped define the world I would be writing about.

Go, read, and then buy yourself a copy of Dying Is My Business already!

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