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Dark Fusions

Dark Fusions: Where Monsters Lurk!Dark Fusions: Where Monsters Lurk! by Lois H. Gresh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s probably gauche to review an anthology you have a story in, so let’s ignore mine and talk about the rest of the book. I found this to be a pretty strong and varied assortment of dark, weird tales. The standouts for me were “Beneath Their Shoulders” by Norman Prentiss, a tricky tall tale where you can’t trust everything the protagonist sees; “Ignis Fatuus” by Scott David Aniolowski & T.E. Grau, a well written trickster story; “When the Stars Run Away” by Ann K. Schwader, whose short fiction continues to impress me, this time with a dark science fiction tale that mixes the personal with the apocalyptic; and “Sidestep” by Lynn Spitz, another dark science fiction story, this one examining what happens when time travel goes off the rails. Editor Lois H. Gresh did a good job selecting a wide variety of stories to fit the “dark and weird” theme. You’ll likely find at least a few here to your taste.

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