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The Christmas Haul, Part 2

In addition to what I purchased with my Barnes & Noble gift cards, I was also gifted this Christmas with over $100 in Amazon gift cards. It was quite a bookish Christmas! So what did I buy with them? Quite a bit, as it turns out:

 The first collected trade of a comics series I’ve been wanting to check out for a few years now. In fact, before writing this blog post I already read the trade and loved it. I’ve subsequently ordered volumes 2-5 as well.

   The next three volumes in one of my favorite comics series. Alan Moore may be crazy, but he’s also brilliant.

And because it is widely known that I cannot spend these kinds of gift cards without using them on Doctor Who videos, I also bought:

An instant classic, featuring the first and only appearance of the Zygons until the 50th anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” This one fascinated me so much as a kid, especially the design of the Zygons and their biomechanical spaceship.

 Another one of my favorite serials, with probably the best writing ever for the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. Scripted by someone who used to write for The Avengers and was not all that familiar with Doctor Who, it not only features the classic era’s snappiest dialogue, but it also has the Doctor jumping out of a helicopter, smashing through a skylight, and drawing a gun on the bad guy. “Very impressive. What do you do for an encore?” the villain asks. To which the Doctor replies, “I win.” HOOKED FOR LIFE!

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