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Brian Keene’s DEVIL-SLAYER

Brian Keene’s out of print, four-issue miniseries for Marvel, Dead of Night: Devil-Slayer, which resurrects the old horror-tinged superhero Devil-Slayer for a new generation, has risen from the grave once again in digital form.

Not only is it a very good story, but it features a shout out to me in the form of a character named Isaac Kaufmann. Years later, I was able to get Brian back by naming a character Isaac Keene in Dying Is My Business. In case you were wondering where the name came from. (There’s a related story behind Underwood’s henchmen’s names Tomo and Big Joe — they’re the nicknames of two of Brian’s friends in real life.)

Fred Van Lente’s comics series The Mocking Dead also features a Kaufmann shout out (you have to look closely to spot it), which I suspect is reprisal for my naming Dying Is My Business‘s Van Lente Box after him.

And now you know!

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