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The Birthday Haul

On Friday, I turned 45 39 for the seventh time. I had a great birthday weekend seeing friends and family, despite succumbing to an annoying head cold Saturday morning. Because birthdays are awesome and birthday presents are even, um, awesomer, I wanted to share with you some of the gifts I got:

tentacle A tentacle finger puppet. Because nothing says “come here” like a beckoning tentacle!

rampage A board game where you play giant monsters leveling a city. Whoever destroys the most buildings and eats the most people wins. This was practically made for me!

pre-shave oilshaving creamafter shave balm Some lovely, high end shaving products from the Art of Shaving.

And some e-books:

Devil You Know

is everyone hanging out


poe's children

Various bottles of wine were received, too, as well as a veritable treasure trove of Amazon gift certificates. I’ll let you know what I wind up buying with them. (The gift certificates, not the wine. The wine will only buy me happiness.)

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