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Lucifer: Exodus

Lucifer, Vol. 7: Exodus (Lucifer, #7)Lucifer, Vol. 7: Exodus by Mike Carey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Two titans storm the Silver City hoping to fill the void left by God when He left for parts unknown. It’s up to Lucifer to stop them from taking the throne, but to do that he’ll need his reluctant brother Michael’s help. All immortals are ordered to leave Lucifer’s new cosmos to make sure they don’t try the same thing the titans did, which affords the reader an opportunity to see Elaine, Mona, Mazikeen, and the fallen cherubs in action on their own (these side characters are quickly becoming favorites of mine). In the midst of all this, Mike Carey tells the touching tale of the creature Thole and his human friend from the other side of Lucifer’s gate, once again showing that even monsters have hearts. I mentioned before how much I like it when minor characters from previous arcs reappear in greater roles, but another thing I’m really liking in this series is how each arc leads seamlessly into the next.

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