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Lucifer: Crux

Lucifer, Vol. 9: Crux (Lucifer, #9)Lucifer, Vol. 9: Crux by Mike Carey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lilith amasses her forces to storm the Silver City as payback for the wrongs Heaven has done her, and it looks like it’s up to Lucifer and Mazikeen to stop her. That is, if Mazikeen survives Lilith’s punishment, and if Lucifer survives being blasted into a third, unformed cosmos. Mike Carey’s intricately plotted LUCIFER series is building to a head, but still, it’s the quieter moments that make it so special. For example, the standout in this volume is a single, standalone chapter where Elaine tries out her new, godlike powers by creating a world of her own, except no matter what she does the people she creates turn to violence and war against each other.

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