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The Birthday Haul, Part Two

Did I mention I got a few Amazon gift certificates for my recent birthday? Well, I did, and here’s some stuff I bought with ’em:

 An e-book exclusive Jim Chapel adventure from David Wellington, because YES!

 I splurged on the hardcover of Christopher Golden’s latest novel because A) they sold out of copies at our joint signing at Dark Delicacies in January before I could buy one for myself, and B) I want him to sign it for me at Necon this summer!

 I bought this much anticipated final volume in Joe Hill’s amazing Locke & Key series in hardcover because that was all that was available in print form. I had resigned myself to waiting a year for the less expensive paperback release, but hey, gift certificates mean not having to wait anymore!

 And finally, I bought this because shut up, that’s why!

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