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DIE AND STAY DEAD Cover Art Discussion

One of my favorite book websites on the Internet is All Things Urban Fantasy. I even did a Top 10 list for them back when Dying Is My Business was released. Every week they run a feature called Cover Art Coverage, in which they examine the covers of forthcoming urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and occasionally horror novels and weigh in with their opinions. (I’ll admit to loving the terrible covers as much as — or sometimes even more than — the good ones!) (I’ll also admit to hoping that one day they will invite me to be a guest Cover Art Coverage judge!)

Last year, All Things Urban Fantasy, or ATUF to the cool kids, gave unanimous thumbs up to Dying Is My Business‘s cover art. (You can see here.) So how did they rate the cover art for the sequel, Die and Stay Dead, in their most recent Cover Art Coverage? Well, one of the judges, Julia, calls the art “gorgeous,” but the other two, Libbie and Kristina, seem to feel a bit more meh about it. Although Libbie does say it has “a nice creepy feel to it,” which is cool. Click through to read the whole thing.

So what do you think of Die and Stay Dead‘s cover art, which you can see if you click over? Do you agree with the good folks at ATUF, or do you have your own opinion? (Imagine that, someone on the Internet with opinions!) Sound off, folks!

2 responses to “DIE AND STAY DEAD Cover Art Discussion”

  1. The cover to Dying is My Business strikes me a little more, partially due to the vibrant reds. The blue does give this more of the creepy feeling, but it isn’t quite as vivid.

    I probably wouldn’t think of it if I didn’t have the first cover in comparison. There’s also this odd thing where the pose is more static in the first cover, but between the color and the action up in the sky, it comes off as having more action. In the scene, even if not in the pose.

    Again, I probably wouldn’t notice if I wasn’t comparing and contrasting. I’m not sure the second cover would grab me anymore standing on it’s own, but I’m also interesting in being able to put the covers side to side when the second comes out and seeing how they compare in real life.

    That being said, I really do like the mellow/cool blues in the second cover. Even taken on it’s own, I’m not too crazy about the pose of the character. It strikes me as a little awkward, and kind of like the hero’s been caught off guard – and that’s not exactly the first impression I’d like to get. Even though you can’t see his face, at least in the first, he looks calm and composed from the back, and like he’s contemplating the best way to handle the situation. I like him for that composure. (Comparisons snuck in! I can’t help it, though, as I’m analytic, sometimes overly analytical.)

    Hmmm. I think the first cover made a better overall impression, but that might be for the best. Putting your best foot forward from the start? Also, the second cover is aesthetic enough that it would most likely catch my eye, and make me read the back. It’s kinda unfair, too, since DIMB has such a gorgeous cover! Everything is just… right. Everything works, everything flows, it’s got a sexy air of mystery to it. The second cover isn’t bad, it’s just as Libbie says, it doesn’t reach out and grab, well, her. Or me to be honest.

    But that’s okay. I have some series that I don’t read, but I adore the cover art, and it’s the same artist every time. I’m eventually disappointed by some of the cover art; it happens to the best of them.

    • Nick says:

      Thanks for sharing your opinion on this! I was really drawn to the gorgeous reds of the first cover, too. I like this cover as well, but I miss the red. 😉

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