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Brand New Review of CHASING THE DRAGON

A blogger calling herself Grimlock, whom I had the pleasure of meeting briefly at Readercon last year, has posted an in-depth review of my 2010 book, Chasing the Dragon. It’s always nice to see new reviews of a book that’s been out for a few years now, because as an author you never know if anyone is paying attention to your older stuff unless they tell you. So this was a very pleasant surprise! It’s also a smashing review. Here’s a snippet:

Every detail ends up to be integral; every story line ties into the main plot, and it’s impressive looking back at how much is in this slim volume….I keep changing my mind about what exactly is most amazing about this book. Is is the fact that there is so much about Georgia and her backstory that explains why she is a drug addict? Is is that despite me despising drug addicts in general as main characters, I was charmed by Georgia? Or was it the original mythology surrounding the dragon and how it kept me guessing as to what the outcome would be? I don’t know, all I know is that goddamn, I love this book!

Well, huzzah!

Chasing the Dragon got almost unanimous good reviews from critics and readers alike — it was even nominated for two prestigious literary awards, the Shirley Jackson Award and the International Thriller Writers Award — but sales haven’t been all that great. As Grimlock mentions in her review, it’s a slim volume and easy to overlook on a bookstore shelf. So I guess what I’m saying is, if you liked Dying Is My Business but haven’t read any of my earlier books, Chasing the Dragon is the one to start with. You can find links to places to buy it here.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely comments! *blushes*

    Also, here I thought I couldn’t look forward to Readercon more. I’m more pumped after reading this.

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