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The Return of Gabriel Hunt

Guess who’s back? Back again?

New Hunt

My author’s copies of the new re-release of Hunt at World’s End, courtesy of Titan Books, arrived this weekend! (Click on the picture to embiggen.) Long-time readers know how proud I was to be part of this project, a six-volume series about two-fisted adventurer Gabriel Hunt under the stewardship of Hard Case Crime’s Charles Ardai. Each standalone novel was written by a different author, and the lineup was pretty damn impressive: James Reasoner, Ardai, Christa Faust, David J. Schow, Raymond Benson, and myself. Back in 2009, this was actually my first published novel, and my name wasn’t even on the cover! Dorchester, the original publisher, published them all with only the “house name” Gabriel Hunt on the cover. I’m delighted to see Titan Books has chosen to give the authors their full due this time around and put our names on the covers for all to see.

Shortly after the original books were published, Dorchester folded and the series remained in limbo for years, until Titan Books rescued them. I’m so happy the Gabriel Hunt novels are coming back into print. So happy, in fact, that I’m giving away a copy!

From now until May 27, the official publication date of Hunt at World’s End‘s re-release, I’m running a giveaway over at Goodreads for one signed copy of this pulse-pounding adventure that Booklist called “The very best pulp style…a must read.” Want a copy? Enter the Goodreads giveaway today!

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