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It’s finally September, folks, and that means it’s Die and Stay Dead month! This sequel to Dying Is My Business is due on bookstore shelves on September 30, so you can expect to see lots of links here to interviews, essays, and reviews from all around the Web this month and next. There will also be several readings and signings around the New York City area, which I’ll let you know about soon. In the meantime, I have two exciting bits of news to share with you!

First I will be taking part in a Twitter discussion on the topic of Urban Fantasy on Thursday, September 4th, starting at 8 PM. Joining me will be authors Linda Poitevin, Mia Marshall, Alexander Kosoris, and the woman who runs the popular book website All Things Urban Fantasy. The discussion will be led by book publicist Beverly Bambury. Click here for the TWUBS website where you can follow the #GenreLitChat hashtag Thursday night if you’re not on Twitter or if you just don’t want to bother with Twitter.

Second, Die and Stay Dead is featured in the September issue of the International Thriller Writers’ newsletter, The Big Thrill, where I am interviewed by international bestselling author Ethan Cross. Here’s a snippet of me mouthing off about a pet peeve:

[T]hese days I can always spot when an author is reaching for low-hanging fruit, or clearly hasn’t thought a scene through properly. Lazy writing drives me crazy in a way that I think it only drives other writers crazy. I think generally readers may not be as attuned to that kind of stuff. Characters acting out of character also trips me up, or when a character I’m supposed to like or think of as heroic does things off the cuff that I find repugnant, like fat-shaming someone or being blatantly sexist. It makes me wonder what the author was thinking, or if they were even thinking at all.

Stay tuned for lots more to come as we count down to Die and Stay Dead‘s publication. In the meantime, don’t forget that you can pre-order the novel from Amazon or your favorite bookseller!

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