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Library Journal Raves About DIE AND STAY DEAD!

Library Journal has a great advance review of Die and Stay Dead in the September 15 issue. Like the glowing review in Publishers Weekly (which I’m still beaming over), this one is a rave, too! I can’t find it anywhere on the Library Journal website yet — there’s likely a deliberate delay between when something runs in the magazine and when it gets archived online in an effort to keep the print magazine relevant — but I discovered it on the Barnes & Noble page for the book, of all places! Here it is in full because I love it so much:

Library Journal
Ever since Trent joined up with the Five-Pointed Star (in 2013’s Dying Is My Business), helping that group collect dangerous magical artifacts in New York City, he finally feels like he has a family. The job could frequently be fatal, but Trent’s inexplicable habit of coming back from the dead each time he is killed proves handy when he and his team are on the trail of Erickson Arkwright, the leader of a doomsday cult intent on releasing demons on the city. Arkwright might also be the key to revealing Trent’s forgotten past. VERDICT Extremely fast paced, this noir-influenced urban fantasy has more than a touch of horror as Trent and his likable team face a demonic invasion. New York is almost a character in the series. The interactions among the teammates are full of clever bantering as Trent learns he can count on them no matter what, although with the revelations in this volume it’s hard to see where Kaufmann will take the story next.

They’re correct, by the way. There is a doozy of a revelation about Trent’s past at the end of Die and Stay Dead, and anyone who thinks they’ve already figured out who he was before he lost his memories is in for a big surprise. Of course this revelation changes everything, but I know where the story will go next. I’m working on the third and ostensibly final novel in the trilogy, Only the Dead Sleep, as we speak.

Did I mention Die and Stay Dead is coming out in less than a week? Look for it on bookstore shelves on Tuesday, September 30! Or you can preorder it from Amazon, B&N, Powell’s, IndieBound, or your favorite bookstore! And don’t forget, I’ll be reading and signing around the NYC area this fall!

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