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Win a Free Copy of DIE AND STAY DEAD!

54th and 3rd B&N

Yesterday was Die and Stay Dead‘s book birthday! As I always do on book birthdays, I took a trip to many of my local bookstores to sign their stock. The photo above was taken at the Barnes & Noble on 54th Street and Third Avenue in Manhattan. The bookseller there was very excited for me when I told him it was my book birthday. It turns out he’s a published author, too! He asked if this was my first book. “No, it’s my eighth,” I said, “but they all feel like the first one on their book birthday.”

If you’re looking for Die and Stay Dead at a Barnes & Noble, they’ve shelved it the Fiction & Literature section, not the Science Fiction & Fantasy section, just like they did with Dying Is My Business. Please don’t ask me why. I don’t know. But that’s where you need to go to find both of them.

Here’s some other fun Die and Stay Dead news:

1) Goodreads is giving away five (5) free copies of the book! This giveaway has got a short life span — it ends October 5th — so enter today for your chance to win!

2) There’s a new interview with me over at Blood Rose Books. It’s a good one, but unfortunately the font color makes it kind of hard on the eyes.

3) Don’t forget, I’m reading TONIGHT with Laird Barron and L.A. Kornetsky (a.k.a. Laura Anne Gilman) at WORD in Brooklyn! Here are all the details. Come join us! This is going to be the reading event everyone will be talking about! Well, I’ll be talking about it, anyway. But there will be free wine, so don’t miss it!

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