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The Books Are Here!

author's copies

The author’s copies of Die and Stay Dead have arrived! (I’ve already given one to my mother. I’m such a good Jewish son.) This is always an exciting time for an author, to have actual printed copies of their book to hold and smell and try to keep the cats from rubbing their faces all over.

I’m hitting the road today to sign stock at a few more bookstores around NYC. We’ll see if any of them ask me for ID first, which is what happened at the Union Square Barnes & Noble yesterday. (Despite my picture being on the back of the book!) But it’s unusual to be asked for ID when signing stock — it’s only happened to me once before — so I asked the clerk why he was carding. He replied, “Weird things have happened.” I want to know what that story is so badly, but he was too busy with other customers for me to ask.

Don’t forget, you only have two days left to win a free copy of Die and Stay Dead over at Goodreads! Enter today!

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