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Wednesday Interwebs Roundup


(Photo courtesy of M.M. De Voe)

1. The New York Review of Science Fiction reading went very well last night. John Langan and I read to a packed house and a receptive audience. I signed a bunch of books, made a few new fans, and impressed my mother with my live-reading skills. Who could ask for more? Now I am officially done with readings for the year and can give my vocal cords a rest!

2. I don’t publish a lot of short stories these days, so I’m very pleased to see that my story “The Rest Is Noise” was given an Honorable Mention by Ellen Datlow, editor of the Best Horror of the Year series, for horror stories published in 2013. The story can be found in the PS Publishing anthology Dark Fusions, edited by Lois H. Gresh.

3. Mark Hill at the book blog Crime Thriller Fella has an interview with me about the Gabriel Hunt series and Hunt at World’s End. Here’s a snippet:

Gabriel Hunt’s life is different from ours. If he gets a whim to travel to an exotic location in search of a lost civilization, he does it. For the rest of us that’s just a daydream, but for him it’s within reach. I think that’s why readers are attracted to these kinds of heroes. They live the lives we only dream about. Of course, in the end that’s probably for the best. I don’t think I would personally be very good at swinging on a vine across a bottomless chasm while bad guys shoot at me. I’m much better at sitting at a desk and writing about it. It’s a lot safer, too.

4. The World Fantasy Convention starts tomorrow in Washington, DC! I’m looking forward to seeing folks there. When I’m not socializing in the lobby/bar area or hanging out at the ChiZine Publications table, here’s where you can find me!

5. Apparently HarperCollins Canada is getting out of the distribution game and handing all their clients over to R.R. Donnelly. ChiZine Publications, the publishers of my novella Chasing the Dragon, were one of HarperCollins Canada’s distribution clients, so I hope the transition goes as smoothly as possible and that the new arrangement is a lucrative one.

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