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What Is My Superpower?

The Skiffy and Fanty Show is a popular weekly fan podcast run by two science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts. They also have a fun website and blog with a regular guest column where authors talk about what their superpower is. Not what they wish it was — like flying, invisibility, Wolverine claws, etc. — but what it actually is. As you might imagine, a lot of authors talk about their superpower being a way with words, a mastery of metaphor, or an ability to completely lock out the world while they write.

Not mine. When Skiffy and Fanty asked me to write about my superpower, I took a different tack. My guest column is up on their site now. Here’s a teaser:

It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly which of my innate mutant abilities is my true superpower. Is it my unerring talent for arriving on the subway platform at the exact moment the train I need is pulling away? Is it my almost creepy aptitude in recalling all manner of trivia related to Doctor Who, the classic series? (Go on, ask me who knit the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, or why the Fifth Doctor keeps a stalk of celery on his lapel, or how Davros lost his only remaining functioning hand. I dare you. How many hours do you have?) Or perhaps my superpower is actually a curse in the form of a last name that is almost constantly misspelled, sometimes even in print by professional publications.

Click through the check out the column and see what I chose as my superpower. The answer may surprise you! (Or not. I don’t really know you that well.)

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